Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 rolled over after unsuccessful drifting on the roundabout

An unsuccessful attempt at driving sideways at the roundabout ended in spectacular rolling.

There is a stereotype that large SUVs are so high that they are able to roll over when cornering too fast. In practice, they usually have a relatively low centre of gravity and are heavy enough to be very difficult to achieve.

However, as we can see from the video below, the driver of the sporty Mercedes GLE in the AMG 63 version managed to flip over the car after several unsuccessful attempts at the roundabout in Nantes, France.

The car probably had all safety systems turned off, and in combination with the island at the roundabout on which the front wheel drove, it allowed the car to turn on its side.

To make the situation worse, it is worth adding that the SUV was rented as a wedding car. We hope that the driver has purchased insurance for his stupidity.

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