The first autonomous Volvo will be available in 2021

Facelifted Volvo XC90 will be equipped with Autonomous Technology Level 4 and will be able to drive completely without human intervention.

Volvo is one of the first car manufacturers that has announced the launch of autonomous technology for mass cars. The first car will be the new version of the XC90, and then the technology will be successively available on the other models after facelifting. The next ones will certainly be the refreshed S90 and V90.

According to Henrik Green, Volvo Cars’ Vice President, in an interview for The Car Connection, the car will be able to drive from A to B completely without human intervention, without any intervention or even supervision. However, the driver will be able to take back the control and continue to drive if necessary or willing to do so. This means that it will be Level 4 autonomy, 1 more than the known Autopilot from Tesla.

This system will use sensors and radars on the car and will be permanently connected to the internet to download information about the road and traffic jams. Volvo has indicated that it will only be possible to drive the car autonomously on roads that exist on the map and are accessible to the public.

Of course, not every new Volvo XC90 will be an autonomous car. This will be an option called “Highway Assist”. The price has not been revealed, but it has been announced that it would cost ‘a four-digit amount’.

The new Volvo XC90 is scheduled to enter production in 2021 and will be built at a new Volvo plant in the United States.

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