1990 Fiat 125p as a Coupe – a crazy project for sale

The very special 1990 Fiat 125p, which is nothing like the original, has just been put up for sale.

The car was created using classic tuning trends in the United States. The roof was lowered by about 15 cm, the windows were changed to rounded, the suspension was lowered and the roof was finished with a black material imitating leather. The Fiat 125p has no rear door anymore, has received light from a 70’s model and 13-inch aluminium rims, giving it a completely new look.

The interior also went through a complete metamorphosis. The dashboard comes from 1954 Opel Kapitan with a central rear-view mirror. It looks epic and gives a completely new style.

The front seats have been lowered so that, despite the lower roof, people up to 185 cm tall can travel in this car. However, the rear seat is higher, so the car should now be considered a coupe 2+2.

Unfortunately, the engine of the car remained unchanged. The car has a classic drive unit from Fiat 125p, which is a 4-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 1.5 litres. The drive unit, according to the owner, is almost new. The meter shows only 30 thousand kilometers (18.640 miles).

The car is for sale in Poland. The owner requested 37,700 PLN (8 690 euro) for his car. Considering the appearance, number of changes and very good condition, we believe that the price is adequate or even too low.

source: Allegro.pl

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