This is how you tuning cars in Africa

Africa is still a truly wild continent. This applies not only to flora and fauna, but also to the cars that can be found on its streets.

The car from these photographs used to be the seventh generation Toyota Celica. However, it was taken over by a team of tuners from Kampala, Uganda, and turned into a vehicle resembling a fruit grater crossed with a spacecraft from the other end of the galaxy.

It is easy to conclude that Ugandan law treats all kinds of car modifications very softly. In Europe, a car would never have been allowed to move if its front had five long teeth and its back had looked like an Asian knife-shaped temple. Driving such a car is certainly quite difficult. The armoured mask reduces the field of view, and certainly you can’ t see too much through the rear window or mirrors. In addition, the car is much longer and wider than the original Toyota.

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