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Sebastian Vettel will appear in season 3 of The Grand Tour (video)

The Grand Tour is constantly recording new materials for the third season. In one of them the F1 Champion, Sebastian Vettel, will appear.

A new Overwatch hero is called Hammond and is a hamster

The new character has just debuted in Overwatch. It is a hamster riding a big robot and is called… Hammond.

The Grand Tour is recording in Hong Kong!

All three presenters of The Grand Tour were spotted today at Hong Kong International Airport.

Richard Hammond became Ambassador of Warsaw Motor Show 2018

Richard Hammond, presenter of The Grand Tour and former presenter of Top Gear, became the new ambassador of Warsaw Motor Show 2018.

The Grand Tour is currently recording in Detroit – photos, videos

Recording of the third season of The Grand Tour continues at its best. Currently, the film crew and the presenters are in Detroit and are shooting a test of the extraordinary three sports cars.

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