Acura NSX has received an orange lacquer and several technical changes

Acura made some changes to the NSX to make it more enjoyable, more comfortable, and even more visually eye-catching.

The most important change is the new suspension. Engineers have modified the stabiliser bar, rear hubs and control-arm toe link bushings to provide 26% more stiffness at the front and 19% more stiffness at the rear. In addition, the four-wheel drive, steering, Vehicle Stability Assist system and active magnetorheological dampers have been modified.

At the heart of the vehicle was the 3.5-litre dual turbocharged V6 engine. Its power has not changed, but the engineers introduced new filters, injectors, and also slightly improved the heat resistance of the turbocharger.

Acura points out that the NSX is now more comfortable to drive on every day, and much more predictable and gripable when driving in a race track.

When ordering the current version, customers have the option of painting the body with a new, bright orange paint called Thermal Orange Pearlescent. In terms of visual changes, there is no chrome-plated insert on the front bumper as it is now in the same colour as the body and the black inserts on the bumpers are matt. Two new colours of leather upholstery have emerged – pale blue Indigo Blue and bloody red.

In the United States, the new Acura NSX will cost $157,500, which is $1,500 more than before. However, the new model year has introduced $4700 in add-ons as standard.

2019 Acura NSX

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