Japanese government has ordered the development of flying taxis

Uber and Airbus are working together to create the world’s first flying taxis.

On August 29th, 20 companies from the aircraft industry will be meeting in one place, including Boeing, NEC, Cartivator, ANA Holdings, Japan Airlines and Yamato Holdings. They will be joined by representatives of the government and Uber. The discussion will focus on the joint development of technology to bring flying taxis to the market.

Japan believes that the development of flying vehicles will significantly reduce traffic jams and make it easier to travel to islands and places where access is difficult.

The details are not known, but government representatives have reported that they are working on the legalisation of such vehicles and on the infrastructure that will enable air transport.

Uber came with help who plans to invest 20 million euros over the next 5 years in the development of flying car technologies. The American giant is also planning to introduce flying taxis in Paris by the end of 2023.

Airbus Pop.Up Concept

source: Carscoops

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