Is this the worst ever replica of Ferrari F40?

Ferrari for $5,800? It seems to be an occasion, but…

…it’s hard to call this Nissan Sentra the Ferrari F40.

Some Mexican car enthusiast decided to convert his daily car into a dream Ferrari. Although his 1990 Nissan Sentra does not resemble an Italian supercar in any way, nothing stopped him from making a replica.

He even decided to perfectly reproduce the size of the F40, making in his Nissan the wheel housings disproportionate to the original body, and the track width means that the wheels are inside the car.

The interior has not changed much, and the only noticeable change is the new seats with the Ferrari logo, but they do not even resemble those of a real Ferrari. The same applies to the engine issue. The car has a front engine and is an old 1.6-litre engine with a power of just 126 hp.

The car can be found on the Craigslist. It was priced at $5,800.

Replica of Ferrari F40 from Mexico

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