Suzuki Jimny and the moose test – it’s bad

It turns out that this incredibly popular car doesn’t work well in corners.

As we can see in the footage below, during the test carried out by journalists, the new Suzuki Jimny did not do too well in the classic moose test. Fortunately, the car didn’t roof, but the test showed that it’s very unstable in corners and has a big problem with sudden manoeuvres.

Due to the steering wheel located very close to the driver, the testers had problems from the beginning with the sudden rotation of the steering wheel. Let’s remind you that the moose test simulates that you notice something on your lane at the last minute and you suddenly change your lane.

As it turns out, the grip of the small wheels in Suzuki Jimny is very poor, which in combination with the soft suspension and small body is terrible. This results in a noticeable tendency to understeer, even at low speeds.

Suzuki Jimny managed to complete the moose test only after being slowed down to 68 km/h. However, it was only the initial speed, because the traction control, which was working hard to keep the car on the wheels, knocked it out almost completely.

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