Tesla Model V – how about a camper?

Isn’t this an idea just brilliant?

Tesla has been dynamically expanding its model range over the past few years. After the introduction of the SUV (Model X), a small and cheap hatchback (Model 3), at the end of last year we could admire the new concept of the Roadster and Tesla Semi truck. These two last models are the ones that the company is currently focusing most on, but it is openly saying it is also thinking about other cars.

What exactly do the representatives of Tesla mean is not known, but now you can dream for a moment and speculate what would happen if. The latest idea from the fans of the American manufacturer is an electric camper. If the car had entered the offer, it would probably have received the letter “V” as the fifth model in the offer (after the new Roadster) and from the name “Camper Van”.

The car would be based on Tesla Semi’s chassis, and most of the parts would be adopted from it. The render shown below has a whole front end with lamps and a bonnet without a grille, as well as all the design ideas. In addition, the author thought about the two-floor interior, with a separation of the bedroom and the everyday area.

The Tesla Model V also seems to be an interesting idea for many reasons. An electric camper would not be bothered with exhaust fumes at the rest place, it could quietly enter and leave the resort, and there would be no problem with electricity in it. Even the smallest 75 kWh batteries calmly powered the fridge, electric kettle or induction hob throughout the holiday without the need for recharging.

source: comparethemarket.com

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