Porsche Taycan – that’s the name of the production version of Mission E

The first ever fully electric Porsche has its official production name. Say hello to Porsche Taycan.

Porsche is celebrating its 70th anniversary as a manufacturer of sports cars. It was exactly 70 years ago that the first Porsche 356 was made by Ferry Porsche and designer Erwin Komand. During a special conference on this occasion we had the opportunity to recall the history of the German manufacturer and learn many interesting facts about the company.

There were also announcements and plans for the future, and now we are going to focus on the biggest one – Porsche has officially announced that their first electric sports car will be called Taycan. Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG, explains the name as a reference to the “energetic young horse” and the graphics in the logo of the manufacturer.

According to Porsche, the new Taycan will be “the most sporty and technologically advanced car in its class”. However, the official technical data for the engine and batteries are not yet known. It is known that the car will be available in several power and range variants, and the top version should have over 600 hp, accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds, and the range should be more than 310 miles.

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