Volvo is leaving the motor shows – first at Geneva Motor Show

Volvo is joining the manufacturers that we will not see at Geneva and at the same time telling us that we will not see them at such events in the future.

Volvo wants to promote its cars in a completely different way, and the launch of the new models will now take place at its own events and at events that will bring much more direct contact with the customer. This approach is already being used for the launch of XC40 on the 2017 Milan Fashion Week.

The company’s representatives informed that Volvo will not promote its products at the motor shows because of its atmosphere. However, it was pointed out that participation would be possible in the future if “industry events such as the Geneva Motor Show continued to evolve”.

The Swedish manufacturer is currently planning the launch of a small sedan – a new generation Volvo S60. That will take place during the opening of its first US Volvo plant which will be located in Charleston, South Carolina.

More and more manufacturers are announcing that they will not take part in motor shows. During the next large trade fair, which will take place in October in Paris, there will be no Lamborghini, Ford, Infiniti and Mazda.

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