The Volvo XC70’s driver walks away after a collision with a 40-tonne truck

This is the perfect example of how safe Volvo cars are.

Volvo has been known for years for its safety. For the Swedish people, the solidity and durability of the construction is so important that they have been receiving only 5 stars from the crash tests over the years.

The strength of the construction has been confirmed by the recent accident of the Volvo XC70 at Sarpsborg in south-eastern Norway, close to the Swedish border. As we can see on the recording, the driver, for unknown reasons, did not adjust the track after a light curve, drove down to the opposite lane and drove directly under the huge R Series Scania filled with gravel. The front of the car was completely destroyed, but the force of the impact did not even affect the A pillar and the interior of the car.

Thorbjørn Lerfald, who recorded the whole accident, said in the media that he ran to the injured person immediately, and the only one who was able to say was “What happened? What happened? Lerfald helped him leave the vehicle through the window, and the Volvo driver was only a little bloodied and shocked. The doctors, who immediately appeared on the spot, took the driver to the hospital, where he was found not to be injured except for a few scratches.

Source: ABC News Norway

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