Bugatti Veyron accelerates to 208 mph and hits the barriers

Repairing this Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse will certainly be expensive.

Every owner of a fast car, when he has the opportunity to fully legally speed up his car to almost maximum, enjoys it very enthusiastically and shares it with others equally eagerly. The same happened to the owner of the hellishly strong Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, who took the youtuber LK Horizon with his car driving up to 208 mph. However, the owner completely forgot about braking, so he entered the water-filled protective barriers.

The driver had to be completely unaware of the speed of entering the corner, as according to the author of the recording it was about 110 mph. According to youtuber, the owner of Veyron did not fully brake the car and the car did not even put out an active spoiler. As we can see on the recording, the car completely broke through the barriers and stopped a few dozen meters away.

Repair will certainly be expensive. The car has a damaged front bumper, bonnet, grille and front lights. In addition, the car was significantly scratched and the active aerodynamics system at the front was probably also damaged.

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