Turbo ate man’s middle finger when working on Toyota Supra

A peaceful evening with a beloved car ended in a very unusual way.

Photos and video in this article may be inappropriate for some people.

Mark Hoey was working on his modified Supra Toyota with a turbocharged 1JZ engine. The car was not working as it should, and the car was choking as if it was riding on bad fuel. A moment later the turbocharger pulled his middle finger and cut off together with the bone.

As we can see on the footage, the injured man seems to be extremely calm and easily records after an accident, while his wife or fiancée talks to the emergency service on the phone.

Interestingly, the Speed Society journalists managed to talk to Mark after the accident and he was more worried about destroying the turbocharger in his Toyota Supra MK4 than about losing his finger. A true petrolhead!

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