A new Overwatch hero is called Hammond and is a hamster

The new character has just debuted in Overwatch. It is a hamster riding a big robot and is called… Hammond.

Many of you may think right away that this is a joke and a new promotion of The Grand Tour with Richard Hammond aka Hamster, but not. It turns out that Blizzard really called his new character in Overwatch a Hammond and he is a real combat hamster.

(Richard) Hammond is going to be called the Wrecking Ball. As we read, it comes from the Horizon Lunar Colony, and it came to Earth together with Wilson. As the two entered earth’s atmosphere, Hammond broke off and landed in a different location – he landed in Junker Town, Australia. Thanks to his enormous knowledge, he managed to turn his capsule into a destructive mech, became a gladiator, and now travels around the world.

Hammond is now available in Overwatch on PTR servers. The date of the new character’s debut on public servers has not been revealed yet.

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