75-Year-Old Man Built a 600-bhp VW Golf R

Here is one of the most fascinating Golf R on the roads and the only one that has a 75 year old owner.

The car from the outside looks like a completely standard 300 bhp Volkswagen Golf R before a facelifting. The almost intact body hides a real monster with twice the power and all-wheel drive.

Golf underwent a number of modifications in order to guarantee the highest possible level of driving pleasure for its 75-year-old owner. The engine remained the same, so under the hood you will find the 2-litre TSI. Its serial turbocharger has been thrown away and replaced with the latest Turbonetics product, which, interestingly, is still in the prototype stage. In addition there is the RacingLine sports air intake, a reinforced intercooler, a new tailor-made fuel pump and a Milltek exhaust system for a slightly better sound.

Such a set is able to generate much more power than 600 hp. However, the number of horses has been limited in order to ensure the lowest possible component degradation. How does it work in practice? According to the owner, the car is “doing a job”.

Our hero loves fast cars and it’s not his first project. Many of you may know Arthur, because last year he became famous thanks to his 560-horse BMW M135i.

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