Electric supercar from Volvo that we are waiting for

It looks like the futuristic Audi R8 with the Swedish manufacturer’s logo.

The new cars from Volvo have been a success. The demand for new models such as the S60 or the completely new Polestar 1 has exceeded all expectations. The fact how much people want to have new models is best demonstrated by the purchase of all Polestar S60 T8 cars on the US market. All models were sold out in just 37 minutes.

What we see above is a dream new model that will compete with such cars as Tesla Roadster or Rimac C_Two. It is an electric super-car that bases its appearance and chassis on the Polestar 1, the first fully electric Volvo model, but sold under a completely new brand.

The car has a very low front end, slim lines, futuristic-looking front lights and a very long wheelbase, which guarantees a huge amount of space for passengers and battery systems. The Concept Model is also very wide and the rear axle has a huge track width. This could certainly result in improved handling, especially in corners.

Unfortunately, the model is only rendered by an independent graphic artist, but it cannot be ruled out that in a few years we will see such a model. Volvo has recently patented trademarks B4 and B5, which are intended to be the names of electric models branded as Volvo. Time will verify our hopes.

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