McLaren says NO to SUVs

McLaren’s CEO has announced that the company is not planning to follow trend and will not add an SUV to its offer.

Currently there is a trend for SUVs. After the success of BMW and Porsche, today every brand wants to have at least one SUV on offer, and the leaders already have up to 6 different models and are working on new ones. Today, manufacturers who used to associate themselves with low and uncomfortable cars either have or plan to offer such a model, with Lamborghini and Ferrari at the front.

At the moment, the only manufacturer that has said a categorical “no” to the launch of SUVs in its range is McLaren. The brand CEO, Mike Flewitt, announced in an interview for Automotive News that the company would not follow fashion and would not introduce such a model to its offer.

He also pointed out that he was not against the SUVs, but simply “They are just not what McLaren does”. He added that the manufacturer did not have the experience and technology to make such a car a reality, and that developing the technology and spending billions to deliver the best car in its class would be unprofitable, as it was not even clear whether the money invested would pay off.

However, it is known that McLaren will in the near future introduce a fully electric hypercar, which will face the fight for customers, among others, with Rimac C_Two and Tesla Roadster. As Flewitt mentioned in the interview, in order for such a model to emerge, there must be a technology that allows racing on the track continuously for 1.5 hours and recharging of the battery in 30 minutes. In his opinion, this will not happen before 2025.

source: Automotive News

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