Richard Hammond and his wife were robbed while on holiday in France

Richard Hammond and his wife Mindy revealed that they had been robbed and probably gassed during their holiday in southern France.

The couple stayed on their family holidays in a villa in St Tropez, France. Together with others at the hotel, they enjoyed their stay dressing up in clothes from the 1920s, drinking historical cocktails and dancing.

During the night after the party, several unidentified people broke into the villa and made the guests sleep by throwing gas into the rooms. Thanks to this, they were able to move around the entire hotel without any obstacles.

The burglars stole jewellery and money. No private things have disappeared. There were 15 people robbed in total.

In her own column at Sunday Express, Mindy Hammond explained that she heard voices in the villa’s living room at night, but that the door was closed. She thought that they were probably other guests and she went to sleep, but they were burglars before the whole building was gasified.

In the morning, their youngest 15-year-old daughter noticed the disappearance of her watch, and Richard noticed the disappearance of all the cash from her wallet.

This situation happened last month. The burglars were recorded by cctv cameras and arrested by the police within 48 hours.


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