Bugatti Chiron from Lego on a 1:1 scale that can drive

Can’t afford the real Bugatti Chiron? You can always build your own model from Lego blocks.

Some time ago a special set of Lego blocks was released on the market, from which we can build a replica of a French car in a scale of 1:8. As it turns out, for some people it is not enough. Alsace car manufacturer and Danish toy company have joined forces to build a full-size, fully functional replica of Bugatti Chiron from Lego Technic blocks.

More than a million different parts were necessary to make a model with a real car size, including 2,304 small engines and 4,032 gearwheels that really make the vehicle run. But it is not as fast as its metal equivalent, because the maximum speed of it is around 20 km/h at the power of 5.3 horsepower and 92 Nm.

It took 13,000 working hours to build a replica, so it would have taken a year and a half for a single person to assemble the whole set, not including breaks for a night’s sleep, a meal or a quick toilet. However, the model accurately reflects not only the overall shape of the real car, but also the rear spoiler, front and rear lights, and the entire interior including seats, speedometer, and removable steering wheel.

The following video was shot at the Volkswagen test track in Ehra Lessien, where the real Chiron was tested last year. Andy Wallace, the former Le Mans winner, was driving the block car.

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