BMW M8 Most Wanted – a crazy concept

It’s not certain whether we’ll see the new BMW M8 in the GTR version, but it may look quite good.

Each of us knows the unique BMW M3 E46 GTR and its unique version from Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The car became a iconic and permanently joined the automotive pop culture.

The car was characterised by even more widened wheel arches, exhaust pipes at the side door level, a huge spoiler on the boot flap, and a remarkable blue-white paintwork.

X-Tomi Design decided to remind us of this model by creating a crazy render of the new BMW M8. The car has a new body-kit that significantly widens the whole car, has a lowered suspension, a high spoiler on the boot flap, a safety cage and, most importantly, blue-white paint styled on the BMW M3 E46 GTR with black accents.

The car looks very unusual, but in the style of Need for Speed games. If Electronic Arts decides to revive its best game with an NFS logo from 2005, it should not be shy of taking this concept and using the upcoming BMW M8.

BMW M3 E46 GTR from Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)


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