VW Jetta from the first part of Fast and Furious is available for sale

The characteristic white Volkswagen Jetta from 1995, which took part in the recording of the first part of the series “Fast and Furious” was put up for sale at a price of 100 thousand dollars.

Do you remember the first film from the Fast and Furious series? One of the most interesting cars that appeared in the film is certainly the white Volkswagen Jetta from 1995. It was the car of Brian O’Conner’s friend Jesse, who became famous mainly from the scene where he tried to face Honda S2000 with his car.

Let’s point out that the vehicle in question is not a replica, which has been done very well, but a vehicle which was actually used to record scenes. The car still looks the same as in the film, with the slight difference that it was signed by Paul Walker, Chad Lindbergh playing the mentioned Jesse and the director of the film – Rob Cohen. Inside you’ll even find an unusual stereo system that includes a PlayStation 2 console that was visible in the movie. Unfortunately, the car has an automatic gearbox, so if you buy it anyway, you won’t be able to fully feel like the character of the film. However, let’s point out that it has brakes, which were missing in one of the production scenes.

The odometer shows that the Jetta has so far travelled 21,300 miles, or slightly less than 34,300 kilometres, which seems to be a small mileage given the history of the car. The car was originally sold in 1995 and registered in Yorba Linda, California. The original owner used the car for everyday driving, having no idea about the future of his vehicle. After some time, it was bought by the “Fast and Furious” production company to be heavily converted into a film. The car was then bought back in December 2001 and registered in Sherman Oaks, also in the State of California. At that time, the counter showed approximately 33,300 kilometres travelled. This means that for the last 17 years the vehicle has been practically stationary, but we only know that at the end of 2013 Jetta came to the Volkswagen service, where a problem with starting the engine was diagnosed.

The car is currently available for purchase, but the price is really quite a lot – 99,900 dollars. As for Volkswagen from 1995, it’s really a lot, but let’s point out that it’s certainly one of the most recognizable cars of this type from the 1990s.

VW Jetta from the Fast and Furious

source: Autotrader

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