Jeremy Clarkson returns to the Millionaires next year!

Next year on ITV we will see another season Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, which will be hosted again by Jeremy Clarkson.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? returned to British television after four years of absence, and the new presenter became Jeremy Clarkson, an automotive journalist and showman known from Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

The return of the show turned out to be a great success and 5.7 million people sat in front of the TVs every day, thanks to which ITV was able to successively fight for broadcasting time with the BBC. The first new season had only 7 episodes, but it included bloopers, fascinating texts and jokes from James May and Richard Hammond.

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The new series will debut at the beginning of next year and this time it will have 10 episodes. Again, we will see all of them one by one, but the release date is not yet known. ITV has confirmed that Jeremy Clarkson will again be the presenter of the show.

In a short interview, Jeremy Clarkson commented that recording a new Millionaire series would be a great way to avoid James May and Richard Hammond for a few hours.

It is worth mentioning that later this year we will have the opportunity to see Jeremy Clarkson in the new series The Grand Tour, whose third season will probably debut in December.

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