This is an epic 2019 BMW Z4 M Coupe

The perfect shooting brake for the today?

Do you remember the old BMW M Coupe from the late 1990s, which was one of the first model with a shooting brake body? The car was pushing away with its ugly look of the Z3 crossed with the E46 Combi. A total of 6291 cars were built in 4 years of production, and the car did not have a successor.

We must admit that the model above can bring the M Coupe back to life and be a successful model in the range. What you can see is the visualization prepared by Rain Prisk, who slightly rebuilt the upcoming 2019 BMW Z4.

The car has been imagined in the top M version, which means that there is a slightly redesigned look, lowered suspension, extra splinters, and a much more powerful powertrain.

Unfortunately, BMW does not plan to introduce such a model into its range or at least does not say so loudly. Looking at the visualization, such a model could be an interesting addition to the hybrid i8, the new 8 Series and the top M8.

source: Rain Prisk

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