Here is the new BMW 3 Series in the M Performance bodywork

Thanks to the Paris Motor Show, we had the opportunity to get to know the new BMW 3 Series G20. Now we can also see how the vehicle looks like in the M Performance bodywork.

The new BMW 3 Series is fresh after its launch, and the publicity around the car has not yet calmed down, even to the slightest extent. However, we know exactly what the most ardent fans of the Bavarian company think about now. The development of a new car model means that it will soon be presented as BMW M.

In order to meet the needs of motoring fans looking forward to the future development of the car, the brand has made publicly available the image of the 3 Series with a body enriched with M Performance parts. This is a kind of foreshadowing of this BMW M3, showing what to expect.

The car is equipped with a new splitter and mirror housings, diffuser, rear wing and side panels with M Performance logo. These parts can be made of carbon fibre or black, lightweight material. Add the new exhaust tips, 18″ and 20″ wheels with red aluminium brake calipers underneath.

Inside you’ll find a sports steering wheel, a new transmission rod and special rugs. You can also choose an additional carbon fibre interior finish and a design that displays the M Performance logo on the road next to the car when you open the door. For a bit of luxury, you can also add some Alcantra and a special carbon key pad. There is also a special camera holder available if we go to the track and a telematics data analyzer.

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