Hyundai i30 N – 25 ways to make hot-hatch more aggressive

At the motor show in Paris, Hyundai presented its sporty hatchback i30 N with up to 25 extra parts on board, making the car look like a real racer.

Hyundai decided to take by storm the ongoing motor show in Paris. In order to show the competition that they do not differ in terms of sports cars, the company brought with them its hatchback i30N, armed with 25 different optional sub-branded N-brand components, which make the vehicle look much better and certainly more aggressive.

The added body parts are primarily a huge rear spoiler and a bonnet with large ribs – both made of carbon fibre. In addition, a redesigned exhaust system with four ends, a carbon diffuser, 20 inch wheels with semi-slick tyres wrapped around them and decorative slats under the door.

Inside, carbon fibre accents were added, especially on the dashboard, door handles, air vents and the new alcantara-covered steering wheel. This material was also applied to sports seats. The gearbox knob has also been changed.

The optional N-package is only a visual change. A 2-litre, 4-cylinder 271-horsepower drive unit remains under the bonnet. However, it can be assumed that significantly improved aerodynamics will have a significant effect on grip and handling.

The elements you see in the pictures are soon to be available in the Hyundai i30N price list. However, the exact date is not known.

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