New BMW 3-Series G20 officially unveiled – specification, price list, gallery

BMW officially unveiled the new 3 Series at the ongoing Paris Motor Show.

We had known for some time that we would see the new BMW 3 Series at the Paris Motor Show 2018. Of course, the fans of the German brand were particularly happy with this fact, but they were not the only ones waiting to see the new Bavarian vehicle. Today was finally the day and the German brand officially introduced its new child.

The BMW 3 Series G20 is 76 millimetres longer than its predecessor, extending the wheelbase by 41 mm. The front axle is 41 mm wider and the rear axle is 21 mm wider. Depending on the specification, the weight is up to 55 kilograms less. The aerodynamic factor is approximately 0,26.

At the front, the car seems to be more aggressive. The bumper has more embossing and the characteristic two kidney grill seems to be bigger. The headlights have been stretched out more and have a characteristic indentation at the bottom. The front of the vehicle in general seems to be more flattened and thus more aerodynamic. Of course, the purchase of the M package will make the body even more aggressive.

The rear seems to be a bit quieter. We see new lamps that have been widened, but have retained the shape typical for new BMW cars. Exhaust pipes can have round or trapezoidal ends, depending on which vehicle version you buy. Overall, the rear seems to be slightly similar to the new BMW 8 Series.

Inside, two huge displays are the most noteworthy. One of them, 12.3-inch, has been placed instead of traditional clocks, the other 10.25-inch will serve as a screen to operate the infotainment system. However, both monitors are an additional option to buy, if you do not decide to buy them, the first screen will have only 5.7 inches and the second 8.8 inches. The dashboard has a new, interesting architecture. The air vents have been changed, as well as the switches. The novelty also touched the seats and the 3-arm steering wheel.

On board we will find a number of technologies, for example, the navigation system can work with the gearbox and adaptive cruise control to intelligently shift gears, e.g. to drop gears down when approaching traffic lights and thus brake the engine. The traffic jam steering assistant will stop the car and steer it up to 60 km/h.

In Europe, the BMW 3 Series will be available for the start with five different engines. The 320i version has a 4-cylinder engine with 181 horsepower and 330i with 255 horses. Turbocharged diesels with the same number of cylinders generate 148 horsepower for the 318d edition and 188 horses in 320d. A unit with R6 architecture is initially available only in the 330d version, where it generates 262 horses of power. It should be noted that only 320d at the beginning of the sale will be able to match the all-wheel drive of the vehicle.

The sporty M340i and M340i xDrive will appear with time. Under the hood of the car in this specification we will see a 3-litre R6 engine with 382 horsepower and 500 Nm. It is supposed to allow us to accelerate by 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. Let’s add that over time we’ll also see a 330e plug-in hybrid.

The prices of the new BMW 3 330i Series will start at $40,200. 330i xDrive basically costs $42,250. We do not have any information how much to pay for the remaining versions of the vehicle.

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