BMW 8 Series without V12 engine

According to the latest information from a Bavarian company, the V12 engine will never hit the hood of their newest child.

Excluding SUVs, the BMW 8 Series is the most important vehicle currently offered by the German brand. The car was officially presented to the world in the middle of this year, together with two engines that can be placed under the hood. The first is a 3-litre diesel unit with six cylinders, which generates 335 hp and 680 Nm of power. The second is the 4.4-litre V8 twin-turbo with a power output of 523 hp and 750 Nm.

In addition to these units, fans of extreme numer of horses would certainly like to see the V12 engine, but in a recent interview Carsten Groeber, BMW vice-president for Product Management, said that it was not possible to include such a unit in Series 8.

Journalists from Australian Go Auto in an interview with Carsten Groeber found out that although the company has a suitable engine that could hit the hood of a new car, precisely the 6-litre V12 with the BMW M760Li xDrive, the obstacle is unfortunately the weight of the unit. According to Carsten, the 8-series has an ideal weight distribution that takes into account the V8 engine, a unit with more cylinders would simply be too heavy and would disturb the harmony. This would certainly give the car more power, but it would seriously lose its handling.

In addition, he added that we should not expect to see a hybrid plug-in version of the car, for very similar reasons as with the V12. The car was created strictly for configuration with existing drive units and it is not expected to be changed.

BMW 8-Series

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