Here’s the new Ford Mustang Hybrid/EV?

A mysterious Mustang appeared in the latest Ford’s advertisement about the company’s future.

In a short advertisement presenting the greatest achievements of Ford and announcing the future of the American manufacturer, we can see three Ford Mustangs. One of them is a classic model and the other is the latest Ford Mustang Bullitt.

The third one, however, is very mysterious. It appears after the V8 engine animation and we see only the front belt with the highlighted logo. It does not resemble the current model. It has a completely new Opel Insignia-style lights, a much bigger radiator grille and a lower bumper.

It is also possible that this is a new electric model, which Ford already announced some time ago. The car was supposed to be “inspired by Mustang”, but it is possible that it was decided to use a well-known brand to help with sales.

Below is the commercial “The Future is Built” with actor Bryan Cranston known for his role of Walter White in the Breaking Bad series.

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