BMW owners are the worst drivers in the UK

The results of the latest studies carried out in the UK on drivers’ behaviour are unlikely to surprise anyone….

Jokes from BMW drivers about not using the indicators, causing as many accidents as possible because of their stupidity and the desire to “show off” are well known today. Of course, this reputation has not come from nowhere, and the misconception of the Bavarian brand drivers is often very much covered by their actions. The fact that the majority of BMW drivers are not best perceived by the public has even been shown by recent studies carried out in the UK.

The insurance portal GoCompare asked 2,000 people which brand they consider to be the worst-performing on the roads. Overall, as many as 24% of those questioned said that the fans of the Bavarian company were the biggest threat on the roads.

The second place was taken by people sitting behind the wheel of Ford Transit on a daily basis. However, there is a big difference in the age of people who voted for a particular automotive brand. People between the ages of 45 and 64 were more likely to point to van drivers, while people 44 years old and younger were more likely to point to German cars for the most dangerous ones. Thanks to this, Audi also took a place just behind the podium in the ranking.

Interestingly, the third place went to taxi drivers and the fifth to Ferrari owners. That’s probably the reason why not only did they get too poor control over their expensive cars, but also excessive “backwardness” and a sense of being better than others.

Below is a full list of the 13 highest-ranked manufacturers in the survey.

  1. BMW – 24%
  2. Ford Transit – 21,8%
  3. Black Cab (taxi) – 14,1%
  4. Audi – 9%
  5. Ferrari – 6,3%
  6. Porsche – 5,7%
  7. Subaru – 4,2%
  8. Mercedes – 4,1%
  9. Volkswagen Golf – 2,9%
  10. Opel Astra – 2,5%
  11. Toyota Prius – 2,1%
  12. Ford Focus – 1,9%
  13. Lexus – 1,5%

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