Tesla Model S stolen by hackers in a few seconds

With more electronic features, the risk of stealing a car by hacking it increases. A certain owner of Tesla Model S, which the thieves opened with a tablet, has recently learned it.

Tesla Model S is a revolutionary car. Elon Musk built the first electric vehicle that is able to compete with traditional combustion engines and leaves most of them far behind.

The whole car is serviced through a large tablet in the central console, and the number of electronic features is really long. Owners can, for example, open the trunk completely online, open and start the vehicle fully remotely, if we want to borrow our car during an absence, and on a smartphone you can check all information about the vehicle such as location, door closing status, air conditioning settings, or battery charge status.

A curiosity is also the constant updates of the car software, which are delivered in a similar way as for a mobile phone. Cars receive new features and bug fixes with the new version of the system.

Stolen in a few seconds

Because of the many features designed to make access to the car easier, hacking the car is also much easier. The thieves from the recording below have used the owner recognition function to identify the owner by the wireless signal sent by the key.

One of the burglars circled around the house with a tablet that detected a key signal and sent it to the other tablet next to the Tesla door. After saving the key signal, the car saw one of the tablets as a key and gave full access. The thieves turned off the remote access functions, so that both the car owner and the car manufacturer cannot check the location of the car or turn it off remotely.

The owner of the car could protect himself against such an attack. He could protect the vehicle from being started with a PIN code, turn off the car’s proximity opening, and store the key in a special cover blocking the transmission of the signal.

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