Unique limited edition Supra for sale in Poland

Fourth-generation Toyota Supra is today a cult car, which is the quintessence of the Japanese art of creating sports cars of the 1990s. In Poland, there is currently for sale a unique copy of the 15th Anniversary’s jubilee version.

The Toyota Supra of the fourth generation is a car that has long been known as a cult car. Its prices are rising steadily from year to year. And no wonder, because the presence of Ferrari or Lamborghini on the streets of large cities is no longer exceptional. On the other hand, Supra is seen at most once every few months.

The true cult of Toyota Supra is due to several reasons. The first and most important is the unique heart of the car. The 2JZ engine has great tuning potential, and its power after modifications can definitely exceed 1 000 hp. Tuners from all over the world outdo each other in their ideas on how to improve it in the smallest detail in order to gain even more power, and this race has been going on for years and seems to have no end.

Unique Supra in excellent condition

Toyota Supra Limited Edition 15th Anniversary was created on the 15th anniversary of the first generation of Supra production. The copy put up for sale in Poland – as the representatives of Moto Concierge, an agency company, emphasize – is perfectly maintained. Not only the condition of the car, but also its low mileage deserves attention. In 21 years the sports Toyota drove only 64.5 thousand kilometers. It is also worth mentioning that the steering wheel in this unit is located on the left side of the factory. And models in this configuration are extremely rare on the market!

The 2JZ-GTE engine is running under the hood and offers 330 hp and 441 Nm of maximum torque as standard. However, power and torque have increased to 355 hp and 454 Nm. The drive is transmitted via a manual gearbox, which makes this car even more desirable on the market.

The car put up for sale in Poland was valued at 100,000 US dollars (PLN 378,000). It has a documented past and many stylish modifications. It is worth mentioning that the car can be restored to its original condition at any time – all original parts are in the possession of the current owner.

source: Moto Concierge
photos: Sławek Kamiński / Moto Concierge

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