How about Panamera-looking Lamborghini sedan?

Recently, manufacturers have been experimenting heavily with new models. What will you say to the Lamborghini sedan?

Porsche’s acquisition of Lamborghini will certainly result in two things – a range of models will receive hybrid technology, as well as several new models. After a huge SUV, we’ll probably see a 4 door sedan.

The car will be based on the Porsche Panamera, the twin model of the new Audi A7. The Italian bull will have a completely new look, which will be similar to the one known from the huge Lamborghini Urus. Visualization of how the new model can look like was undertaken by CarLifestyle graphic designers, whose work looks very good. If the car will look like this in the production version, it will surely find a wide range of buyers.

Under the hood of the strongest non-hybrid Porsche Panamera is a 4-litre V8 engine with 550 hp and 770 Nm of power. It is also a well-known engine in Lamborghini – the same unit is located in Urus, but it has been slightly rebuilt and now generates 650 hp of power and 850 Nm of maximum torque.

When it comes to performance, it will probably also be a bit better than its counterpart with the Porsche badge. The time from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) should be about 3.4 seconds (0.2 seconds faster than Panamera), and the maximum speed will be electronically limited to 305 km/h.

The premiere of the new model is expected in 2021 with the launch of Porsche Panamera after facelifting.

source: CarLifestyle

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