Yellow vests versus luxury cars – videos from Paris

Here are some recordings showing how French protesters are mindlessly destroying expensive cars left in the streets.

If you have spent the last weeks at the bottom of the ocean, at the outset we will write that in France there is a protest of the so-called ‘yellow vests’. President Emmanuel Macron has increased excise duty on fuel, which has angered citizens and quickly led to the riots that the whole world is now talking about. Discontented citizens took to the streets of Paris and many other cities, where they built barricades and thoughtlessly began to destroy infrastructure, shops and cars. As a result, the current pictures from the French capital are very much reminiscent of scenes from post-apo films and may cause fear to some people.

Unfortunately, innocent people are suffering from this small revolution, and their property is being destroyed. A dozen or so recordings have been uploaded to the web, showing how the protesters are demolishing luxury cars in the name of opposition, and that their current president is only concerned about the richest social group.

This is what the yellow vests did with the white Porsche 911 Cabrio left on the street.

The car was demolished – windows and headlights were knocked down, mirrors were poured and then the vehicle was overturned on the roof.

The fate was worse for this grey Mercedes-AMG GT S, whose protesters first devastated and then set fire to it.

This is not the end of mindless vandalism – below you will find recordings showing how yellow vests destroy the cars of ordinary citizens and police cars.

What do you think about the behaviour of the French? Does social protest have to take such an aggressive form?

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