The Grand Tour – Amazon bought a 4th season of the show!

Jeremy, Richard and James stay in the Amazon at least until 2020.

In March of this year, rumours were circulating in the UK about the end of The Grand Tour programme after the third season. According to Mail, “Nothing indicates that they are going to do another [season]. Nobody has signed anything, and the employees are wondering where everyone will go after making the films.”

Jeremy Clarkson himself tried to deny the rumours by replying on Twitter to one of his fans simply – “Don’t believe the fucking Mail.”

This, however, was not a direct confirmation of the signing of contracts for the next seasons of the show. For the last months we didn’t have any news about planning to create the 4th season, and the team and presenters were busy shooting materials for the upcoming 3rd season.

Today, Amazon has officially announced that he has extended contracts with presenters and the team of W. Chump & Sons, who are responsible for recording episodes. We can expect another 12-13 episodes, and their emission will probably take place from January 2020.

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