Detroit icon no longer exists – Packard’s bridge collapsed

The famous Packard factory bridge in Detroit collapsed after more than 100 years.

Detroit was once the fastest growing city in the world and the richest city in the United States. Unfortunately, as quickly as it grew, it also fell as fast during the crisis of the 1970s.

In its glory years, there were 43 car factories in the city, and today only 2. One of the most famous factories, even called the Detroit icon, is the Packard car factory. All because of its size, appearance and the bridge connecting the northern and southern parts of the buildings.

The Grand Tour, Season 3, Episode 1 / photo: Amazon Prime Video

The bridge became a place visited by tourists and many people took a souvenir photo with it. We could also see it in the footage in The Grand Tour – Amazon’s hit car show – in the first episode of the third season, which was broadcast last Friday.

Unfortunately, the iconic bridge is no longer on the Detroit map. On Wednesday evening the bridge collapsed on the road. Luckily, nothing happened to anyone.

The bridge of the Packard factory in the 1950s.

The Packard factory was opened in 1911 after 8 years of construction. Its total area is an enormous 3,500,000 sq ft (325,000 m2). It was considered to be the most modern passenger car factory in those years.

It was closed down in 1958. For the next 40 years it was empty, and from the beginning of the 20th century part of the space was leased to small companies.

The area of the former Packard factory was purchased in 2013 by Arte Express. The developer began to clean up the vast area, however, he never spoke about any specific investments in this place.

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