Tesla Model S joins the U.S. police fleet

An electric car will replace Dodge Charger in the Fremont Police Department fleet.

The police in Fremont definitely have the most eco-friendly fleet of police cars. Currently it has nine hybrid Ford Escape, five hybrid Ford Fusion, four plug-in hybrid Ford Fusion and three Toyota Prius. Now they are joined by the first fully electric car, the Telsa Model S 85D.

The car has been specially adapted to the needs of the police. It is equipped with overhead light-bar, rear flashers, wheel well lights, headlight flashers, a WatchGuard vehicle camera, trunk lighting, a Panasonic mobile digital computer, push-bumper, prisoner partition, prisoner seat, center equipment console and armored door panels for the driver and front passenger.

American press laughs that the only thing missing is a computer program that could autonomously perform a PIT manoeuvre. Who knows, maybe Elon Musk will prepare a special software update for the police.

The Fremont police paid $61,478 (including taxes) for the used Model S Tesla from 2014 and the modifications cost an additional $4,447.

source: Carscoops

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