Blind driver made an impressive lap on Top Gear Test Track

He was able to do this with the help of the Toyota and the extremely brave instructor in the passenger seat.

The protagonist of this extraordinary story is Dr. Amit Patel, who tragically lost his sight in 2013. Until then, he was an emergency first response driver.

Since the accident, Patel had to give up his passion for cars. With the help of the British division of Toyota, he had the unique opportunity to get back behind the wheel of the car and to do so in an absolutely special place for all motoring enthusiasts. It was possible to organise for him a day at the Top Gear racetrack in the Toyota GT86, the current star car for the episodes.

Dr. Amit Patel decided to get the maximum pleasure from driving and did not save the car. In the recording below you can see the preparations, discover his story, as well as admire the skills of the driver, who is able to drive the car sideways and lead the car suddenly out of slip at quite high speed.

How did the blind former doctor manage on the track? He was able to lap the track in 1 minute 46 seconds, which places him 9th out of the 19 people who drove the track in this car, and considering that the track was wet, this is the fastest time on the Top Gear track in Toyota GT86.

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