Modern cars in retro versions

Mercedes-AMG GT

Having a Mercedes-AMG GT in your own garage is a dream for a huge number of car enthusiasts. Would it have been the same for European citizens 50-60 years ago? Looking at this project we can safely say that yes. The car you see is a combination of headlights, barbecue and general silhouette of Mercedes-AMG GT-R with his grandparents. Just take a look at this heavy bumper, the wheels and the easy to recognise retro-style side decoration. Doesn’t it look great if you juxtapose them with a bit of modern design language?

Aston Martin DB 11

Aston Martin is mainly associated with a series of films about the adventures of a British agent for special tasks. No wonder, after all, James Bond has been driving Astons 10 times over 57 years, the most recognizable model he has ever driven is certainly the DB5. The graphic above shows a combination of this legend and the current image of the brand’s vehicles. But there are few changes – only the headlights and part of the front bumper seem to be modern.

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