Modern cars in retro versions

Ferrari LaFerrari

A supercar from Italy could not be missing from the list. Ferrari has been producing its incredible machines since immemorial times, and their view is always as impressive as it was a decade ago. One of the most recognizable cars of the brand from years ago is certainly the F40, on the above graphics its body has been mixed with Ferrari LaFerrari – currently probably the most popular model of the company. Hybrid looks amazing if the Italians decided to introduce such a car into production, surely all the cars would be purchased quickly.

Dodge Charger

This American rocket can probably not be mistaken with anything. Throughout its history, Dodge has produced a significant number of cars that can be considered cult. Take, for example, Chargera R/T from 1968 – there will probably be no one who could not recognize its beautiful silhouette. Unfortunately, over the years the car has lost much of its hard image. Graphic designers decided to bring it back some splendour, combining it with the equally legendary Daytona Charger.

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