Bugatti + McLaren = Bugatti Chiron Speedtail

Here is an amazing vision of a new one-off from Bugatti that will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2019.

Earlier this week we informed you of a rumour that the Geneva Motor Show 2019 will present a new one-off from Bugatti.

The car is said to have been sold for 16 million euros. Only one car will be made and, according to The Supercar Blog portal, the car was ordered by Ferdinand Piëch, former General Manager of the Volkswagen Group.

Naturally, such a machine arouses great interest and excitement, which is why the design house E. Milano decided to illustrate how the vehicle could look like.

The project shows Bugatti Chiron with an extended back, based on McLaren Speedtail. In addition to a more aerodynamic body and a modified rear bumper, the car received white, multi-spoke rims and a lowered suspension.

Although the car we will see at the beginning of March will certainly not look like this, it has to be admitted that the visualization is really successful. Maybe in the distant future Bugatti will decide to produce a car with such a silhouette.

source: e.milanodesign

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