Bugatti Speedster – Shut up and take my money!

Will this model turn out to be the announced one-off?

At the beginning of February there appeared a rumour that Bugatti would present a new supercar based on Chiron in Geneva. The car is to be built in just one copy and is said to have been ordered for 16 million euros by the former CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Ferdinand Piëch.

Nothing is known about the car itself. The only thing that is certain is that it will be based on the Chiron and will be driven by an 8-litre W16 with 1500 hp, because it is the only engine that the Bugatti has.

Three days ago, E. Milano design house presented its vision of the new model, which assumes that it will be submitted to Chiron on the likes of McLaren’s models. The car on the visualization presents itself very well and it is possible that the car will actually be offered in the future. However, this is not such an innovative project to demand the equivalent of a small country’s GDP for it.

Another approach was taken by the talented graphic designer Rain Prisk. His vision is to create a supercar without a roof that will have an even bolder and more futuristic design than the limited Bugatti Divo. The visualization looks beautiful and if we see such a model in Geneva, it can actually be invaluable.


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