Lamborghini Urus as a pick-up truck?

Fortunately, it’s just a visualization.

The car industry has evolved dramatically over the last few years. It was once unthinkable that companies such as Ferrari or Rolls-Royce could offer SUVs. Now the Italian company is finishing work on such a model, and the British brand already offers such a one.

In case of pick-ups the situation is slightly different. On the old continent they are not very popular and European manufacturers are reluctant to introduce such models to their offer. However, in the United States they are like a cult object, among which a huge community has gathered. How large the market is, is best evidenced by the range of models offered by Ford exclusively on the domestic market.

Will the situation in a few to twelve years’ time be similar to that of SUVs today? I hope not. However, the talented graphic designer Rain Prisk has already set out to show how the Lamborghini pick-up could look like today. He took Urus as his base, which he redesigned starting from the B pillar.

The result is very interesting, but it does not match the image of the Italian brand. It is hard to imagine Lamborghini on terrain and surfaces other than snow, sand or asphalt.

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