Will the new Bugatti Atlantic look like this?

Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic in a modernist shape.

Bugatti announced the production of a modernist version of their classic from the 1930s. Of course, we are talking about the iconic Bugatti 57 SC from 1936. A few days ago they showed a sketch of a car from the top view, which looks almost identical to Atlantic, but has some significant changes.

It has been said that the car will be built in just one copy and will be the announced car for Ferdinand Piëch, former CEO of the Volkswagen Group. Thanks to him, Volkswagen took over and reincarnated Bugatti.

The project of the new Atlantic was already foreseen many years ago by designer Julian Swietlicki, who decided to show his vision of a modernist model. The visualization was created at the beginning of 2017 and looks spectacular. The car features slender lines, massive wheel arches high above the bonnet with huge wheels, small headlights and 6 Corvette-style exhaust pipes. There is also the characteristic features of Atlantic, including a round storage space for the spare wheel.

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