Rolls-Royce will keep the V12 unit as long as possible

Rolls-Royce stands against the process of downsizing engines.

Multi-litre engines are currently an extremely hot topic. It all started with BMW, which announced that in the next generation of Series 7 we will certainly not see the V12 engine, and possibly even the V8. Our attention was then drawn to the Mercedes-AMG, who announced that at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show we will see the premiere of the last Mercedes-AMG S65, which is powered by a 6-litre V12 biturbo engine. Three days later, the automotive world was surprised to learn that Volkswagen will soon be adding a 4-litre V8 turbodiesl to the Touareg engine range.

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Now Rolls-Royce has spoken and has announced very good news for fans of large engines. The brand’s CEO announced in an interview that his company does not intend to give up using its 6.75-litre V12 engine until combustion engines are no longer legal. He emphasized that Rolls-Royca’s customers love this unit, and according to him the engine is like a sophisticated watch – the bigger and more complex, the more valuable it is.

In addition, he commented on the process of electrification of engines in cars.

We will not go into hybrid, we will go direct into electric. And then we do it step by step by step. It’s not like we shut down the 12-cylinder overnight and immediately the next day everything is electric, there is a transitional phase between combustion engines and electric engines.

So it seems that all fans of V12 engines have to turn their eyes on the British luxury car manufacturer, because their beloved unit will not soon disappear from their offer.

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