Honda e-Prototype – electric baby with rear-wheel drive

This is definitely the biggest star of Honda’s stand at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

During the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, Honda presented its first electric vehicle designed with the European customer in mind.

The design of Honda e-Prototype may be familiar to you and it’ s correct. This is the second edition of this model, because it is based on the Urban EV prototype from 2017. However, it has undergone some changes and is getting closer and closer to serial production.

The biggest change is to enlarge the car and add a second door pair. Unlike its predecessor, now the door opens traditionally.

The interior has also had some major changes. The biggest one is the relocation of the screens displaying the images from the side cameras to the dashboard from the doors. This is a more practical solution, but certainly less esthetic. The car has lost the captivating design of a “clean” space with a large, wide screen.

The screen itself has also changed. It is no longer one large display, but three independent screens connected together in one tablet. Two of them are touchscreen and allow you to manage your on-board computer and infotainment system.

Honda e-Prototype uses a new platform specifically designed for electric models. The details of the drive unit have not been revealed, but it has been announced that the car is able to travel 200 kilometres on a single charge, which is sufficient for everyday city driving. It only takes 30 minutes to quickly recharge the battery to 80%.

The production version is expected to appear next year. Honda plans to start registering for the purchase of this model in the first place. Since the premiere of Honda Urban EV in 2017, there have already been 15 thousand people who have declared their willingness to buy this model.

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