Review: Renault Megane GT Line TCe 160 EDC – foretaste of GT

In this version, the new Renault Megane is like GT ½.

Recently, it has become popular again to offer versions that make the car similar to its sporty, stronger and faster variant. This used to be reserved for premium brands, and now mass producers also offer such inventions to a wider range of customers.

In the case of Renault, the price lists include creations called “GT Line” and “RS Line”. They are designed to make our car similar to the dream, but often beyond the budget (and common sense) top variant created by Renault Sport, which is GT and RS respectively.

Unlike most of the competition, the French have gone to their minds and now offer these varieties as a top-of-the-line version of the equipment and only with the most powerful drive units. In the case of Megane, the GT Line version is only available with two petrol engines – TCe 140 and TCe 160 – so that the “fake” Megane GT will not be driven by a 100-horsepower engine or cicky diesel.

In terms of style, GT Line is almost the same as GT. Only observant people will notice that the car is not equipped with a special radiator grille with honeycomb design and GT logo, and that the exhaust system has only one elliptical tip instead of two trapezoidal one. Other differences are a few inserts with the “GT Line” logo on the front wheel arches and the boot flap. Also, customers cannot order special 18-inch Magny-Cours rims.

Inside, the changes are also minor. The steering wheel is the same, but without the GT mark and in the central console the “R.S.” button. is “Eco”. There are no huge blades behind the wheel for changing gears, no overlay for Renault Sport’s thresholds, and the dashboard now features the “GT Line” mark. The other elements are identical, including the amazing bucket seats, which are in standard in the material version or £1,200 for those made of alcantara.

The test unit was equipped with the most powerful engine variant, which is a 1.33 l unit with a capacity of 159 hp and a maximum torque of 270 Nm. It is combined with the automatic transmission EDC and the drive is transmitted to the front axle. This is the closest configuration to Megane GT. There you will find a 1.6 TCe engine with 205 hp and 280 Nm of power, as well as an EDC transmission and front axle drive.

In this configuration, Renault Megane is a very multi-purpose vehicle. When driving in Comfort mode, it is a convenient means of transport for everyday travel. It works well when we need to get to the office, take children to pre-school or to do big weekly shopping. On the other hand, the large power and fast EDC gearbox guarantee a smooth ride during dynamic movement. Overtaking other people on the road is easy, and driving on the motorway is a pleasure. Driving on a longer route is just as good. Eco Mode limits the power and slows down the throttle response, so you can count on a fuel consumption of 51 mpg when driving very calmly and about 46 mph when driving more naturally.

What distinguishes the “Line” version is the lack of a four-wheel steering system. This is not very noticeable during normal driving, but it is noticeable when manoeuvring in parking lots and during dynamic driving in corners. Some time ago I had the opportunity to directly juxtapose the Megane with and without 4Control – the difference is in fact colossal.

Engine Megane GT Line TCe 160 Megane GT TCe 205
Induction Capacity 1332 cc 1618 cc
Maximum Power 159 hp on 5500 rpm 205 hp on 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque 270 on 1800 rpm 280 Nm on 2400 rpm
Powered Axle Front axle Front axle
Performance Megane GT Line TCe 160 Megane GT TCe 205
0-62 mph 8.2 sec 7.1 sec
Maximum Speed 127 mph 143 mph

Renault Megane in its current form is a car that I like regardless of its version. I was delighted for the first time in 2016 when I tested a diesel version, then warmed up during the GT test, and then fired up the RS version on the track during the test drives. Even the version with almost basic equipment and a basic drive unit, which Matthew tested, I enjoyed in some way and I found more advantages in it than he did.

Today’s version is something else. It’s not a top-of-the-line comfort version, or a fully sporty variety that enhances emotions. It’s something in between, thanks to which it perfectly suits me. It has all the advantages of a sporty Megane GT and at the same time is not a hard and uncomfortable sports car.

It’s not perfect and definitely the first thing I would change if I had already decided to buy it, I would replace the front grill with the one from GT to make it fit better with the bumper. That would probably be the last thing, too, because Renault Megane GT Line is a really good car.

Text and Photos: Michał Śniadek

Renault Megane GT Line TCe 160 EDC

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