BMW M prepares for an electrified future

The era of BMW M combustion-only cars is slowly coming to an end.

During the Geneva Motor Show, it was confirmed that BMW M and BMW i are working together to electrify future generations of bavarian M-series cars. The message was announced by the head of BMW i – Robert Irlinger during an interview with the Auto Express portal.

You will see electrified vehicles in M division as well. We are in talks with all of the other BMW Group brands and sub-brands – Rolls-Royce, MINI and yes, M division – and you will see electrification coming across onto their products. It will be at differing levels, of course, but it will happen. We are working with them, right now. There are some real advantages from incorporating electric power into performance vehicles. You have immediate torque delivery which can give you acceleration while a combustion engine is still thinking about it. These advantages we will spread to the whole brands, in a specific way.

Unfortunately, Irlinger did not reveal any more specific information, so we do not know which BMW M-tagged vehicle will be affected by electrification. It seems very likely that these will be the new generations of the BMW M3 and M4.

Both cars will use the same drive unit as their current equivalents, which is a 3-litre twin-turbo engine with six cylinders. Merging it with additional electrical units would allow for more horsepower – even in the area of 500 hp.

If you are a fan of “old type” cars and you see Satan’s work in electric and hybrid cars, then perhaps now is the last moment to buy a vehicle from the BMW M series with a fully internal combustion power train.

BMW 3-series in the M Performance

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