Here is the first Toyota Supra A90 with a 2JZ engine

It must have happened eventually.

The premiere of the next generation of Toyota Supra has echoed loudly in the automotive world. Unfortunately, not everyone liked the modern version of the legendary car. The main reasons for fans’ discontent were the uninteresting design of the car, the presence of BMW Z4 components in the vehicle and the lack of a worthy successor to the 2JZ under the hood.

For the last problem, the solution has been found by the tuner company CX Racing, which is currently preparing a complete set of DIYs to transfer the 2JZ engine to the new Toyota Supra. However, their project was overtaken by a well-known Japanese drifter, Daigo Saito, who uploaded a series of photos of his new racing machine on the web. This is the Supra A90 with a 2JZ engine.

As far we know, Saito chose a new Toyota child because of its short wheelbase and compact body, making it easier to control the vehicle while drifting. Low operating costs are also taken into account, but why 2JZ?

The standard BMW B58 engine available in the car is relatively new, so no tuner has yet prepared the right components to significantly increase its power. Because of this, Saito decided to put under the hood of his machine the legendary engine, modified to 811 horsepower.

Other interesting modifications include an additional rear-mounted radiator. It took only 42 days to develop and execute the entire project. There are still a few elements missing for this time, such as widened wheel arches, but the car will soon be completed in 100%. For the first time it will be seen live on March 23rd at the D1 Grand Prix All-Star Shoot Out in Tokyo.



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